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Practice. Learn. Improve.
project management

We partner with companies on their journey towards excellence, guiding them to discover their potential through the application of best Lean practices,

yielding rapid and sustainable results over time.

We are specialized in leading Lean improvement projects with different levels of complexity, both in manufacturing and office environments.


Starting with a thorough analysis of the initial situation, we activate and engage

an internal project team within the client's organization, to whom we transfer

the know-how for the application of Lean techniques, tools and methods,

guiding them to achieve the expected results.

We empower individuals to express improvement ideas, broaden the range of opportunities of action, gradually foster a mindset of continuous improvement.


It is a check-up of the improvement opportunities

of an organisation, function or department: through the use of Lean diagnostic methods, techniques and tools, inefficiencies, waste, constraints, potential capacities and Kaizen -improvement - opportunities are identified and measured.

It is the format that accelerates the time-to-result of improvement projects.

In a concentrated timeframe, through the involvement of

an internal improvement team,

it enables the identification

of the problem, analysis of its causes, and definition of actions to resolve it.

It fosters learning and experimentation of Lean techniques and tools.


Learning programs covering Lean techniques and tools, from basic to advanced levels. Programs include diplomas for demonstrated learning

and skills.

Modern and engaging educational formats, active involvement of participants, real-case studies and individual project work. Offered in a catalog format and customizable

for in-house versions.

Chi siamo

Who we are

Lean Fabrica ® is the boutique brand for Lean project management and Lean learning services. 


Fabrica comes from the Latin and means workshop, the place where the craftsman gives shape to ideas, creating unique pieces and infusing his work with experience, technique and personality;

it is the concept that represents us because, by working on a tailored-made basis,

we personally take care of the projects in the field.

Our know-how is the result of many years of experience in the practical application of Lean

at all levels of organizations.

It is the evolution of Lean Institute Italy ®, a brand with which we have been operating since 2010 as consultants in important projects for the improvement and development of

manufacturing and office processes of client companies.

Lean Fabrica ® is a registered trademark of Galaxy M63 srl.

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