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The Assessment includes the analysis and evaluation of the initial situation together with the client, the choice of diagnostic tools and the rapid conduct of the on-field check-up,

with the involvement of the organisation's personnel.

The client is provided with an executive summary of the situation identified, weakness

and opportunities for improvement, along with a Lean road map outlining priority interventions,

high-impact projects, implementation timelines and economic returns.

The Assessment can be conducted to different types of organizations, both in manufacturing and office environments, and it involves 3 phases of work, listed below:


Strategic overview

  • Identify foreseeable scenarios of evolution and change

  • Understand business drivers, strategic objectives and KPIs

  • Evaluate problems, opportunities and selecting the area for further investigation


On-field diagnosis 

  • Visualize and evaluate the current state of processes on-field

  • Measure performance and value-added activities

  • Identify opportunities for improvement - hot spots - and ROI



road map

  • Confirm hot spots and potential ROI

  • Define targets, projects and achievable improvement actions

  • Lean road map: elements to plan the priorities and develop the Lean Management strategy

Assessment model © Lean Fabrica ®


Lean Road Map - assessment of the current state of operational processes, to identify sources of waste, problems, potential for improvement and efficiency, and determine guidelines and strategic targets for improvement; implementation of interventions on a three-year basis (Manufacturing Industry, interior design projects).


Optimized Planning for Analytical Equipment - evaluation model for the use of laboratory analytical equipment, in order to optimize the planning of use, make analysis times more efficient, reduce the lead time of the samples under analysis, improve the management standards and maintenance of the analytical equipment 

(Pharmaceutical Industry).

Implementation of Lean-WCM and Quality - applicative evaluation of Lean-WCM and Quality standards and processes in production plants: workplace and workstation standard verification, gap detection; observation and evaluation of governance processes to support improvement; detection of existing good practices (Automotive Industry).

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