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Lean Office

Operational excellence in administrative and commercial activities

Acquire the principles and methods of Lean Office to be applied in administrative and commercial activities.

Map operational activities to identify processes, highlight and eliminate waste.

Streamline processes, eliminate non-value-added activities and recurring problems, develop functional intra/inter-organizational interfaces.

Measure performance with KPIs.

Identify and develop a high impact improvement project.

Managers, function or department heads, specialists, project leaders from industrial and commercial organizations. Specifically designed for commercial operations, finance, purchasing, logistics, IT and HR functions.

Who is it for? 

Duration: 2 days

Day 1 

Lean Office principles, methods and tools

  • The 7+x types of waste in the office

  • The 5S methodology: order, cleanliness and sistematicity of workstations

  • Visual management

  • The VSM – Value Stream Mapping, the value stream map

  • The process mapping

Day 2


  • Lean Office measurement indexes

  • Standardized problem solving

  • Practical examples of Lean Office and case histories

  • The Kaizen-One-Pager and the A3 methodology: identify and concretely develop an office improvement project for your organization

In-house edition:

For single-company groups, the training program can be customized and conducted in-house at the client's facilities (with pricing, terms, and conditions to be agreed upon).

The courses can be fully funded through the Conto Formazione Aziendale (Piano Aziendale and Voucher Formativo).

Option for individual tutoring at the company.

For information:
Elena Bezze

+39 328 6747719

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