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Lean Champion

Leader and advocate of Lean practices

The Lean Champion possesses a deep knowledge of Lean methods, techniques and tools and actively works to disseminate and support such practices within the organization.

As an expert in Lean methodology, he/she acts as a leader and advocate within the organization to drive the implementation and spread of Lean principles and practices.

The Lean Champion is capable of cultivating fertile ground for personal and collective growth, paving the way for shared success.

The program enables participants to acquire and develop the skills necessary to successfully lead and support the transformation journey towards operational excellence.

It is characterized by classroom training, personalized tutoring, experimentation, and immediate practical application of learning to an individual project work according to the A3-Report standard, with the challenge of promoting Lean practices within his/her own organization and supporting them!

It leads to obtaining the Lean Champion diploma from Lean Fabrica ®.

The learning model of Lean Fabrica ®:

In-class training week d’aula and individual project work in alignment with the A3-Report methodology.

At the end of the Lean Champion program, based on the results achieved in the 3 assignments A, B, and C, and according to the expected outcomes outlined by the Lean Fabrica ® evaluation model, the Lean Champion diploma will be awarded.


To be determined

Price per pax: € 3.200,00 + vat

Including educational materials, coffee breaks, and working lunch.

Minimum number of participants: 4.

Further information:

For single-company groups, the training program can be customized and conducted in-house at the client's facilities (with pricing, terms, and conditions to be agreed upon).


The courses can be fully funded through the Conto Formazione Aziendale (Piano Aziendale and Voucher Formativo).

Option for individual tutoring at the company.

For information:
Elena Bezze

+39 328 6747719

Day 5

Presentation of project work progress and results

Day 1

Lean and Operational Excellence perspective

  • Envisioning the future, the strategic process

  • Strategic communication: fostering connections and common understanding at all levels of the organization

  • Operational Excellence: catchy slogan, aesthetic refinement, or actual transformation process?

  • Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)

  • Lean Champion: role and insights into its contribution

  • Assignment A: individual project work, the challenge

Day 2

Lean project Management, an integrated approach to operational excellence and active participation

  • Basket of improvement ideas for gathering creative contributions

  • Stimulating collective intelligence to identify improvement opportunities and collaboration

  • Kaizen-one-Pager: concise and clear vision of achievable results

  • Project evaluations and ROI: measuring success in quantitative and qualitative terms

  • Focus: improvement projects differ from investment projects

  • Key role of resources: preparation, enablement, and active involvement

Day 3

Tools to disseminate and support Lean, enhancing operational excellence with precision and agility

  • Standard Work: fundamental tool for efficiency, quality, and continuous innovation

  • x-Matrix: integrated strategic map to facilitate the transformation of plans into actionable steps

  • Stand-up meeting: daily agile tool for team communication and alignment

  • Lean Audit: assessing the effectiveness of Lean practices and fostering critical analysis

  • PDCA and Improvement Plan: key methodology for continuous innovation

  • Visual Management: tangible approach to operational transparency

  • Assignment B: progress and development of individual project work

Day 4

Engagement and motivation to action, a journey towards shared success

  • What motivates people: the key drivers that propel action

  • Obstacles to individual creativity and strategies to overcome them

  • Engagement, meaning clear communication, stimulation through challenge, and recognition

  • The role of the facilitator in promoting team effectiveness

  • Inspiring trust and commitment with generative leadership for shared success

Day 1-4 

Training and empowerment week for individual project work

Duration: 5 giorni

Managers, function or department heads, specialists, project leaders from industrial and service organizations tasked with implementing Lean Transformation or Operational Excellence plans.

Who is it for? 

The didactic model:

Assignment A

On the first day, each participant presents their choice of project work.

Assignment B

The participant attends the training week, learns, and experiences the practical application of what is shared in the program. In this phase, at the end of each training day, the participant is supported by Lean Fabrica ® tutors in developing their individual project work and shares its progress.

Assignment C

The final phase is the period of practical application of the learnings: each participant receives support and personalized tutoring for the completion of their individual project work. At the end of this phase, during the follow-up session, all participants share progress and results achieved.

Assignment A
challenge and opportunity

Assignment B
development and progress

Assignment C
results and Lean Champion effectiveness

Individual project work: 2 weeks

Training: 1 week

Tutoring: 8 weeks

Analysis and selection of a relevant project work

  • General definition of the project work for promoting Lean practices within one's organization

  • Identification of achievable results, project design, and action plan

  • Identification of key resources

Development of the plan for the project work success

  • Detailed description of the project work (A3-Report)

  • Detailed planning of actions for promoting Lean practices within one's organization

  • Definition of ROI to measure the success of the project work

Lean Champion

in action                                  

  • Execution of the project work and effectiveness

  • Observation of leadership and advocacy skills for Lean practices within the organization

Output: management report and presentation
max. points achievable: 20

Output: A3-Report development
max. points achievable: 30

Output: management report and presentation
max. points achievable: 50

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