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Lean Green Belt

Lean applied to projects to become an improvement leader

Acquire Lean methods, techniques and tools: cost reduction, efficiency increase, value stream analysis, identification and elimination of waste, optimization of activities and processes, improvement of quality, visual management, ROI.

Classroom training, simulation game© that replicates operating environments, coaching, experimentation and immediate practical application of learning to an improvement project according to Lean standards, with the challenge of achieving significant savings potential for your organization!

Obtain the Lean Green Belt participation diploma.

Managers, function or department heads, specialists, project leaders of industrial and commercial organizations who are called to lead improvement projects in the field.

Who is it for? 

Duration: 7 days

Day 1

Choice of improvement project

Training weeks:

Day 2

Presentation of the progress of the project work

  • The history of Lean

  • Value orientation

  • The 7+x types of waste in production and in the office

  • Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)

  • The 5S method

  • Assignments A and B

Day 3

VSM – Value Stream Map

  • The Work standard

  • Standardized work – Quality Process System (QPS)

  • Standardized Problem Solving

  • The VSM – Value Stream Mapping, the map of the value stream

  • VSM Office

  • l Poka-Yoke – Prevent mistakes

Day 4

CIP and flow

  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

  • The calculation of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

  • Just-in-Time (JIT)

  • SMED - Single Minute Exchange of Dies, the technique for accelerating format changes

  • The transparent factory and office

  • Visual Management

Day 5

Indices and pulls

  • Kanban and Pull systems

  • The Heijunka – Best Practice

  • Metrics and KPI's

  • Lean Office indices

Day 6

Sustainable success and best practices

  • The Lean Corner – Team Board

  • The improvement plan

  • Lean Manufacturing testimonials

  • Lean Office testimonials

  • Learnings and applications

  • Assignment C

Day 7

Presentation of the results of the project work

Location: to be established

Price per pax: €4,200.00 + VAT

Including learning materials, coffee breaks and business lunches.

Further information

Possibility of individual tutoring in the company.

For single-company groups, the training course can be carried out in a personalized in-house version at the customer's facilities (with price, methods and terms to be agreed).

Didactic model and program

Based on international Six Sigma standards.

The courses can be entirely financed through the Conto Formazione Aziendale (Piano Aziendale e Voucher Formativo).

For information:
Elena Bezze

+39 328 6747719

The didactic model:

Assignment A

In the first phase, preparatory to the training program, each participant will be guided individually by Lean Fabrica ® coaches in choosing and fine-tuning the improvement project.

Assignment B

Participants will then attend the training week, learn and apply Lean tools through theory, practice and the Lean simulation game Just in Time ©. In this phase, at the end of each training day, participants will be supported by the coaches in developing the action plan for the improvement project progress.

Assignments C

The last phase is the period of practical application of the learning: each participant will receive support and personalized coaching for the implementation of the improvement project. At the end of this phase, during the follow-up session, all participants will share their experience and results.

Assignment A
current state analysis

Individual work: 4 weeks

Assignment B
improvement plan

Training: 1 week

Assignment C
improvement + measurement

Field coaching: 12 weeks

Analysis and choice of an action field with relevant business potential

  • Data collection and general definition of the problem (kaizen-1-pager)

  • Identification of achievable results, project design and improvement plan (kaizen activity)

  • Communication and on-boarding of key people

Improvement plan development 

  • Detailed description of the problem (cause/effect) based on the collected data

  • Detailed planning of kaizen activities (A3 reports)

  • Definition of performance indicators (kpi) to measure kaizen activities and ensure that solutions and new standards are achieved

Kaizen activity and measurement of results                                     

  • Field implementation of kaizen activities

  • Implementation of the ICS tables (internal control sheets) to view the results day by day

Output: management report and presentation

Output: creation of the A3 report

Output: management report and presentation

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